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General Information
The UAE enjoys a good economic industrial and commercial position thanks to the UAE's interest in ...
Economic Policies
Successful economic policy is the means to achieve the well fare of the people. That is why governments harness...
Free Trade in UAE
In compliance with the international trend to free trade and overcome the technical and the custom obstacles.
Investment Policies
The preceding period has seen investment policies that achieved a lot of progress for the country.
Official Holidays in UAE
List of Official (Administrative & Religious) Holidays in United Arab Emirates
One of the indicators of the increase of tourism in the UAE is expanding international hotel firms and the fact that ...
Privatization Policy
Attention in the UAE as well as in the Gulf countries generally, is still directed towards the private sector
Geographic Location
The UAE is situated in the heart of the Arab Gulf. It bordered from the North and the North West by the Gulf and from....
The Climate
The UAE lies in the arid tropical zone extending across Asia and North Africa. Climatic conditions in the area are strongly...
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